Gain visibility with local outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising

There are many ways to advertise. Without a doubt, outdoor advertising is the oldest one. Research has shown that outdoor advertising is still one of the best ways to attract attention to your business. To ensure your shop or company is noticed among locals, it is best to place outdoor advertising in the vicinity of your business. You will find outdoor advertising on lampposts, roundabouts, busy intersections, alongside busy access roads and in many other high-visibility locations.

The benefits of outdoor advertising: costs and benefits

Outdoor advertising reaches a very large audience at a relatively modest price. In addition, outdoor advertising is part of the streetscape. Internet and social media have become very important communication channels, but few people appreciate online advertising. Most people find it a nuisance to be confronted with constant online ads on their PC or smartphone screen. This is why online ads are largely ignored. TV commercials are another source of annoyance. Nobody enjoys a sudden interruption of the most climactic moment in a movie or a TV series for a commercial. Viewers will switch channels or simply fast-forward the commercials. However, very few people are annoyed by outdoor advertising. Cost – benefit analyses demonstrate that outdoor advertising makes for one of the most efficient forms of advertising, with great exposure at a relatively appealing price.

Outdoor advertising in Amsterdam and other large cities

Outdoor advertising offers huge benefits in large cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. These cities are densely populated and on top of that their prime locations are visited by thousands of business people and tourists on a daily basis. In Amsterdam and other large cities, you will find many regular or digital billboards attached to lampposts, beneath old city clocks, next to information panels, at tourist locations and in busy shopping streets. Your target audience simply cannot miss it. Outdoor advertising: Amsterdam and other large cities make full use of it.

NPB Media: specialist in outdoor advertising

Are you considering outdoor advertising? NPB Media’s experts are happy to provide professional advice. Over 4,000 companies and institutions rely on the experience and expertise of NPB Media. For over 80 years, we have been serving our customers by promoting companies, shops and hospitality businesses to the public in an effective way.

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Increase your visibility and findability with outdoor advertising

Increased visibility

Increase your visibility in the region and make sure that customers find their way to your business.

More brand awareness

Outdoor advertising increases your brand awareness. Which generates more trust among customers.

More trust

More trust is always good for your business. In addition, it generates more customers and more revenue.

Make yourself easier to find

Helps customers find their way to your company.

Permanent presence

Outdoor advertising is visible year-round. Changing channels is not an option.

Best locations

Our outdoor advertising is always visible in the best locations. That means near you as well.

NPB Media Outdoor advertising

  • Active nation-wide in outdoor advertising since 1937
  • Supplier of outdoor advertising for over 4,000 entrepreneurs and institutions
  • Collaborates with 170 municipalities


Boost your revenue with outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising improves your visibility. It also enables customers to find their way to your business effortlessly, This will increase your visitor count. More impulse purchases are made. And your revenue goes up. Outdoor advertising is positioned at the best locations in the city, alongside access roads and at business parks, and remains visible day and night. This will rapidly increase brand awareness and stimulate trust.

Permanently highlighted

Thousands of people are directed on a daily basis through outdoor advertising. Towards shops, companies, restaurants, hotels, offices and institutions. Every single day. With NPB Media outdoor advertising, your company is permanently highlighted at prime locations. There’s no way around it. And as dusk sets in, the lights turn on automatically. Your outdoor advertising remains visible day and night as a result, and you can count on both better visibility and improved findability for your enterprise.

How about more customers?

With 16,000 outdoor objects, we possess the largest outdoor network in the Netherlands. Over 4,000 companies and institutions benefit from their visibility in the streetscape. Do you want to improve your visibility? As well as your findability? You will get more customers immediately. With increased revenue as a result.

Outdoor advertising is effective

  • 97% is familiar with outdoor advertising and finds that this advertising channel catches the eye.
  • 88% considers outdoor advertising a good way to find a company.
  • 75% uses route information found in outdoor advertising.
  • 71% considers outdoor advertising a useful channel.

Get advice from our outdoor advertising specialist who will help you with:

  • Increased visibility
  • More visitors
  • More revenue
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