Set your target group into motion with digital outdoor advertising

Digital outdoor advertising allows you to keep your message aligned with the moment, with current events, ensuring a perfect match with the wishes of your target group. Digital advertising is now available in many prime locations near you.


Visible in the heart of the city

Lamppost advertising is available at prime locations in the city centre and alongside busy access roads leading to shopping areas.

Anticipate current events

Change your ad whenever you want to in order to keep your message perfectly aligned with the moment and your target group.

Boost your sales

Deploy our large number of locations to entice your customers to a final visit to your shop or branch and boost your sales accordingly.

Standalone digital billboard

  • Premium locations with great reach alongside access roads
  • Screen size: 1500 x 2120 mm
  • Dynamic content

Digital lamppost advertising

  • High resolution and powerful imagery
  • Always visible at a minimum height of 3.5 metres
  • Dense network at important locations
  • Benefit from the power of repetition
  • Dynamic content

The benefits of digital campaign communication

  • Visible everywhere and at all times, impossible to miss
  • New locations available every day
  • Manage your own ads with our online ad’s platform

Digital advertising

Outdoor advertising remains one of the most efficient methods of drawing the public’s attention to your business. In addition to traditional billboards, digital advertising has been on the rise in city centres and alongside busy roads. Digital outdoor advertising offers important benefits and much more possibilities than conventional billboards.

The benefits of digital advertising

Outdoor advertising in strategic locations reaches large numbers of people. And digital outdoor advertising does this even better. Digital billboards offer great clarity and excellent visibility day and night. At night, they stand out even more than conventional billboards with lighting.

Digital outdoor advertising allows you to alternate between different messages. A message can be repeated more than 1,000 times a day. In addition, you can change your messages based on the time of day and current events. Digital technology makes it easy for you to design, manage and change your messaging.

Digital displays allow you to use moving images and animations. Moving images draw much more attention than static billboards. This makes digital billboard a perfect channel for campaign communication. The fact that a new message is displayed every 6 seconds makes this advertising channel a lot less annoying than a TV ad or a 30-second online pre-roll video.

Digital information screens

Spreading advertising messages through digital information panels is a perfect way of drawing attention to your business. A lot of municipalities use digital information panels for all kinds of communications and to put activities and events in the spotlight. Advertisers love to use these digital information panels for advertisement purposes. It goes without saying that a digital information panel gets a lot of attention. Using a digital information panel for your advertising helps reach your target group quickly.

Get in touch with our specialists

No experience with digital advertising just yet? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. NPB Media has been active for over 80 years and is a market leader in outdoor advertising. You can count on the professional help of our specialists. We propose the most suitable advertising displays and select the best locations for you. Put your business on the map with NPB Media.

The new targeted digital advertising

High attention value

Moving and lit imagery draws attention quickly and for an extended period of time.

Higher impact

The interchanging imagery and messaging will help you stand out and increase the effect of the ad.


More relevant

You can change your message at all times, ensuring it is even more relevant to your customers.


Innovative image

Become one of the first brands to use digital lamppost advertising.


Always visible

At 4.5 metres, and lit 24/7, your message cannot be missed.

Prime locations

Always at locations with a high reach of incoming traffic, pedestrians and shopping crowds.

Direct advice from a digital outdoor advertising specialist?

  • More impact
  • More customers
  • More revenue
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